I Noticed....


Day 1: I noticed that my handwriting has shifted from slanting to the right to now straight. Back when I was in elementary school, we had this period in the English class specifically for penmanship. We were taught to handwrite in a certain way and that was in a slanting to the right type. I remember getting quite a high grade in penmanship and I was proud of my neat handwriting back then. But things have changed, I guess. 


Day 2: I noticed that I am eating more chocolate food now than before. I used to be so picky with the chocolate-flavored food I eat but now I don't even think twice anymore before eating such like in ice cream, biscuits, drinks, etc. I honestly want to be picky again because I know I will gain weight faster with how I am currently doing.


Day 3: I noticed that I accomplish more tasks in the morning. It seems like my energy is at its highest after waking up. Towards the end of the end, I somewhat feel tired and sluggish already that all I wanna do is chill. 


Day 4: I noticed that I get headaches quite often now. The reasons are different each time but in most cases it's because of the heat and me missing my meals. I should really take my meals on time and avoid being in hot places or get hot-headed to minimize my headaches.


Day 5: I noticed that I did miss strolling in the mall. Ever since the community quarantine in my country started, this is the first time I went to the mall. It was such a hassle especially the wearing of face masks and face shields because my eyeglasses kept on fogging. Hahaha. I hope at the beginning of 2021, this pandemic will come to a halt already. 


Day 6: I noticed that I had been dreaming of these certain people consecutively now. I even speak a different language in my dream too. hahaha. I think I am already watching too much of them up to the point that they even appear already in my dreams.


Day 7: I noticed that I really experience this certain feeling whenever I will start with my full-time job. My whole body just screams for help. However, I have to get through the day again starting today. I hate what I am doing full time but I have to endure it for a little longer. 


Day 8: I noticed that I don't feel excited waking up now as I know I have to spend 8 long hours in a full-time job I barely liked. It sucks because back during the holiday season when there was no work, I feel very excited waking up every single because I don't have to endure something I hate. 


Day 9: I noticed that I like exercising but I just don't like waking up early. I really am not a morning person. I hate waking up to an alarm. I just want to sleep as much as I can and then wake up and accomplish the tasks I had to do. But my day job of course doesn't allow me to do such. So yeah, I guess I just have to deal with this much longer. 


Day 10: I noticed that I feel more accomplished in the evening while doing the things I am passionate about rather than in my day job tasks. I enjoy using my head for creativity and I want to use it more often this year.