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I started this off with the blank photo, and I overlaid "INDO" on the layer in a particular font that I liked, sized up. Then I used the rectangle tool, the ellipse tool, and the pen tool to sort of trace the letters over the text. I created each part of each letter separately (ie the two vertical pieces and the one diagonal to the "N" are different shapes created by the above tools). Creating the semicircle for the D was the toughest because it involved creating a circle and then creating a smaller one and using the "subtract front shape feature". Total pain in the ass! If anyone knows a more efficient way to create a semicircle I'd love if you could link me to the tutorial! I didn't even realize we were supposed to upload iterations here so unfortunately I don't have any images of iterations to show you guys...just a final edit. 

Anyways - Indonesia is a place of astounding natural beauty. This is Kanawa, and it's home to the healthiest and most pristine reef I've ever seen. This shot evokes a lot of dreamy nostalgia for me and I'm happy to share it with you all..enjoiiiii


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