I Make Pretty Clothes, Good for your Body, Soul and The Earth - now, how do I sell them ???

My Big Questions:

How do I start targeting a new audience ?  How do I begin to raise my price for existing customers ? 

Here's my website: http://www.karleeneberle.com/

You can see some of my designs in motion. 

Here's my blog with some more current projects, behind the scenes photos:  http://karleeneberle.tumblr.com/

We just did a photoshoot, I think it's got a cleaner look and will translate to the higher end market better...I'll share those as soon as they are edited. Below is a photo from my 'Spring '13 collection, this dress is really well loved! 

I've officially been in business less than a year.  People really love my style, I've been husstling at local art shows, fashion shows and getting involved in the community. Of cousre, it's finally all paying off and it's selling!

My leggings and a few other dresses are selling really well locally, I'm thrilled. However, after looking at the spreadsheet v. the markup forumla I used before I think I need to charge more (or get them made for less).  Ditto with all of my apparel, I'm in the situation where labor is expensive because I am making low quantities. How do I effectively raise my wholesale and retail prices (without causing too much upset) ? 

One of my major goals is to reduce the waste of the fashion industry, thus use a lot of deadstock, vintage and organic materials & sew everything domestically (or myself).  I am adament about the source and material quality, so I need to learn to market to a audience with more disposable income. How do I start targeting a new audience ? 




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