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I Love You More

May 1, 2014

My phrase is "I love you more".
It's sort of an inside joke between my gf and I always trying to be the last one to say "I love you more" and therefore win.

I didn't make a mind map / word list for this since the words were pretty simple and I had a fairly rough idea of what I wanted to do with the phrase.

Here is some of my reference material thanks to Pinterest.

I like banners so I picked a few of those. And I like the little swirly patterns like on the "My Morning Jacket" poster. It looks a bit like waves... I picked out a bunch of feathers because my gf is Native American and I want this to be sort of a gift to her, so I wanted to incorporate something that is uniquely hers since the lettering is uniquely mine. And I am a sucker for old-time tattoos, the "vintage" nautical themed ones which is why there are a few fonts that made me think of those.

Here is my warm up.
I chose "Love" because that is the one word that I want to stand out more than the rest of the phrase. This is the eye-catcher for me.

Sorry it's on graph paper, but I had a whole pad of it hanging around. I did like having it as almost like a guide (but you can see I didn't really use it most of the time).  I'm not too thrilled with my spacing on the ornate lettering. I kind of like the font for the fancy serif, but it sort of reminds me of the Boston Red Sox. I almost wish I had done the Blackletter with an actual calligraphy pen. I took one semester of a calligraphy class and do have a very very small bit of experience from that, but that helps a lot when I am thinking about thick and thins of downstrokes.

---------UPDATE---------------May 3, 2014

Here are some of my thumbnails. Still haven't decided which one I like the most.

Am I the only one who started to think everything was spelled wrong after awhile. Like looking at the words over and over again made me second-guess if they were actual words and not just pretty shapes.

-----Update May 10 ------

Here is my big sketch based on the feedback I received on my thumbnails.

I decided to make the "more" thinner since after it was mentioned all I could see was the Boston Red Sox logo. I also threw some drop shadow on love just because I wanted to do SOMETHING with it at least. I feel like this is something that could come alive with a bit of color? Now to refine it!

The Refined Sketch

Yeah those weird spots on the top corners. Don't use packing tape to hold your paper in place. IT DOES NOT COME OFF. Yes this seems like a no-brainer, but let my mistakes be a lesson. ;)

Final Ink

Unfortunately my pen that I was using (a Prismacolor pen) started to run out while I was coloring in the "Love". I didn't even get the feathers. So for now, this will wait until I can get my hands on some new / better pens. Or just something to finish it off. So close!

Ok I did manage to finish inking it.

Although I am not 100% thrilled with this, I won't be done hand lettering! :)


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