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Fedwa Snoussi

Graphic Designer



I Love Tea

Hi everyone!

I'm planning to make a medium sized Chalk board to decorate my kitchen or Livingroom (I haven't decided yet). I can't go with the entire wall because my appartment is a rental :)

I'm a Tea lover and a huge Alice in Wonderland fan, so I thought I could use a quote from the book:
"It's always Tea Time".

Here's my sketch, I'd love some feedback!


Here's the final! It's way smaller than planned, unfortunately the medium chalkboard I've bought was of very low quality, couldn't make the chalk write on it! So I ended up drawing on Chalk paper.

Couldn't find a larger piece of paper so the lettering is not as thin as I wanted, and it was quite hard to erase, so I couldn't refine much. But I'm still happy with the result, it's nice for a first shot :)

Definitely going to redo this as soon as I find a decent chalkboard. If anyone knows where I can get this in Paris, please let me know!




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