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I Like it Swirly

Start of Project: 8/19/14

I have only been working on this for a few days, but I completely love it already! 

I have been working on hand lettering the last couple of months, and I'm hoping tobe able to add some calligraphy to that as well! 

I'm still in tracing mode, doing lots and lots of practice tracing sheets, but I can already see areas where I want to change things for my own alphabet. I've discovered that I'm more of a fan of the upright than the italisized  lettering, and I like my letters to be swirly, with a decent amount of loops on my letters.

For example, I'm going to make my mom a birthday card this week, and so I started messing around, writing Happy Birthday in lots of different ways!

In the lower left corner of the picture, you can see where I just traced my practice sheets to come up with the happy birthday in all lowercase. Then in the middle is where I just free handed and added my own elements. It's still really sloppy, but I like where it's going and I think I will use that as my guide for my alphabet.

Update: 8/19/14

I was inspired by Molly's use of gouache and color, so I decided to experiment. I have some watercolors, and I thought that maybe if I used a little less water, I could mix it up into an ink that would work. It was a lot of fun trying it out, and the color variations turned out pretty neat. Even if the hairlines were almost non-existent, and the watercolor paper snagged pretty badly. It worked well enough that I ended up using this method to do my mom's card, but I realize that for most other purposes it probably wouldn't do great. It most likely woudn't scan well.

But here's a little phrase I played around with, since I used orange ink. I think I should have stopped before I added those bottom flourishes, but I guess if I don't practice doing them, I'll never get them right!

Update: 8/20/14

I wanted to go ahead and share my mom's birthday card. I can see that the calligraphy looks very "newbie," but I'm still happy with how it turned out! And, I don't know for sure, but I can only imagine she will too.

I've also been practicing a ton! I can't seem to get enough of it. And I'm feeling like my alphabet is coming along pretty well. I have already started changing the way I like to form my letters, and I'm straying away from the shorter more "bubble-y" look. I'm also feeling more and more comfortable with my pen all the time!

Update: 8/21/14

I started taking another skillshare class on calligraphy, Creating Layouts with your Calligraphy, taught by Charmaine Al-Mulaifi. She suggested using watercolor as an ink medium as a way of adding color and trying out different inks. I was pretty excited, because I assumed for some reason that my new-ness to calligraphy meant that idea was stupid when I thought of it. Obviously I haven't looked at enough examples, because now I see it all the time! And maybe if I think of something fun and new, and it turns out, then I shouldn't write it off as something dumb. Other people are probably doing it as well!

And now I want to go ahead and start doing more with my watercolors!


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