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I Like People who Smile when It's Raining

Hi all,

This is my very first time lettering for my very first class at Skillshare, and I enjoyed Mary's class so much.

For this project I wanted to illustrate something light and fun. I relate to this quote as staying positive and happy even bad things happen. I also admire people who can be strong like that. 

Step 1: Brainstorming (30mins)

I spend some time brain storming and drew pieces of words that I would like to emphasize. As you can see, sometimes I tend to spend more time than needed on one idea. Oh well!


Step 2: Sketches (1 hr)

I jumped to drawing two polished sketches to see which direction I would like to go. Again, I paid too much details even on my sketches. But it's okay because I enjoyed the drawing and it gives me better idea of how the final version will turn out. 

First Sketch: It focuses on rain drop and highly decorated. It is more abstract. 

Second Sketch: It is opposite to the firs one as it is not as much decorated. I inspired by the curve of a smile and positions the letters as they are smiling at the viewers.

I wanted it to be simple and pleasing to look at. So I do not want to decorate the letter too much. I see our thoughts and emotions are like clouds. They could drift away and they can also change colors. So I picked the cloud as a metaphor. 

Honestly, I like both approaches. So here is the deal..if anyone ever want to see the rain drop (first sketch) digitized, I will definitely do it. That will be my motivation. 



Step 3: Inking the Details (30 mins)

I went ahead and traced my drawing, and inked to get much closer to final version. I first traced my first drawing so that I get cleaner drawing. 


Step 4: Digitize and Texture (1.5 hr)

I took picture of the inked drawing, and digitize the design. Pick the colors which I think is happy color for the letters and used a more neutral background. Thank you for taking time to read this and viewing my project. (:



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