Meredith Wish

Graphic Designer



"I Laugh in the face of Danger, then I hide till it goes away"

Fixed some of the widths so all of "laugh" has the same thickness width and all of Danger has the same thickness width - I just don't like my "D" and "N" Right now

I'm seriously missing something - it just doesn't look polished to me. help?

ok so after a few days toying with this, I think I got it, except I like my "a" in "danger" but my D is looking terrible :( I'm trying to do inner shadows on "laugh and danger"

Ok I suck at vectorizing letters, maybe it's because I hate my hand writing to begin with... I know I have to work on "Laugh" and "danger" but this is what I have so far.

Played around with a new sketch:

What I have so far, vecotirzing it:

This is one of my favorite quotes from my favorite tv show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. 

I know I definitley want to highlight the word "Laugh" but I'm not sure if I should hilight the word "hide" or "Danger." I did a few basic sketches of how I would go about laying out the quote if I highlighted hide or Danger - Suggestions/comments/ favorite layout?

On the left side of my sketch book - if you can see it ok - I have a centered verticle kind of set up highlighting the words "Laugh" & "Hide" - on the Right hand side I have some skteches of a horizontal layout highlighting the words "Laugh" & "Danger" - then the bottom right hand corner I have a setup where It's a verticle centered layout highlighting "laugh" and "Danger" again, but "I laugh" and "then I hide till it goes away" is in a script and "in the face of Danger" is in a all caps serif.

Ok I picked a layout and I'm liking where this is going:

 I'm starting to figure out where the swirls go and I want to clean up my "Danger" and possibly move it down to under "Face" and next to "of." I also want to make "Then I Hide" smaller


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