Heather Newell

Graphic Designer



I Heart Parks

The empty swing is creeking. The slide looks infested with metal burrs, and the sand is full of shards of glass. Even in midday it is unsafe for children. Trash flutters in the wind like leaves. Gangsters gather and huddle staring at anyone who passes by. Cars stop and immediately pull away realizing they cannot enjoy their lunch in the sunlight. The dilapidated atmosphere which was overflowing with playfulness and glee is now seeping sadness.

I grew up in Cincinnati and I saw playgrounds and parks that kids didn't play at because of the gangs and drug dealers. They would come in and trash it, start fights and run their business there. It angers me to see the trash of society take away and ruin things for the innocent.

My goal is to increase awareness and involvement in different communities to clean up areas and complete different projects to bring the parks back to life and become a safe place to enjoy the outdoors. I am creating a website for information as to how to volunteer and be a part of the organization, social media will be the way I plant the idea for people. 


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