I Heart Johnny Pictogram

I Heart Johnny Pictogram - student project

I Heart Johnny Pictogram - image 1 - student projectI've always been attracted to simple, bold graphics.  Universal appeal that communicates as much information as possible in the shortest amount of time.  BAM!  This isn't finished, yet.  I'm picturing a partial crack down the center of the heart and maybe a few bullet holes.  I also wanted to add a ring through the upper eyelid, but I think it would be too busy.  The black teardrop gets it done.  In addition to the pictograms, maybe there is a faint, rectangular block of text in the background that sets the outside boundary of the artwork.  Could be whatever catch words the client wants to stress:  Bold, Delicious, Alternative, Independant, True, Sprinkles, Killer, Fresh, Bomb This, Tasty, etc.

I'm looking to get a couple of T-shirt brands going on the side and hope to get advice on printed shirt suppliers, 3rd party order fulfillment, guerilla marketing, etc.

Thanks for looking, and I hope everyone enjoyed the class!  I wish I could have dedicted more time, been more active, just too many things going on at the moment.  Maybe Chris will teach it again!


Austin, Texas