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I Have Heard The Mermaids Singing, Each to Each

First Update

I'm using a line from one of my favorite poems, The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock by T.S Eliot: I have heard the mermaids singing, each to each.

The first images that come to mind are sailors getting traditional mermaid tattoos and the Norman Rockwell painting of the fisherman who has caught a mermaid. Both have to do with men from the land and women from the sea. I'd like to use that relationship to inspire this project: maculine/feminine; hard/soft; earth/water; land/sea. 


More mermaids. Figureheads on ships come to mind. Maybe I have a mermaid in silohuette on either side of a border with the text in the middle? I love the wave treatment on the tattoo with the little boat.Beyond tattoos, I think of art deco when I think of mermaids and this poem. The organic, flowing shapes and borders really lends itself to water, hair, anything aquatic. Maybe the figureheads in a design like the one below with the tiger & lion?

Here are some lettering styles that may lend themselves to this project. I still think I want to go with a masculine-feminine-masculine order.


OK, so I need work on my spacing

Here are my first thumbnails. I've got an illustration background so I can't help myself and I've got mermaid drawings everywhere. I think the 3rd one on the top row might be too literal. I like the one in the very middle, and maybe the one to the right of it.

Or this sketch?

FINALLY... my 1st sketch based on a thumbnail. I like the overall design, the lettering needs some work. I think the word "Singing" looks wonky. I'd like to do 2 more sketches based on other thumbnails but I need to pick up the pace!


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