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I Hate Gum

I'm a visual artist and cartoonist, so my ideas are in the realm of visual storytelling, and based on my visceral distaste for chewing gum and its sensory impact.

1.  The sound of another person chewing and cracking gum is one of the worst sounds I can imagine.  It causes palpable discomfort in me, a desire to flee the room or punch the perpetrator.  I'm thinking of some kind of short comic story, or stop-motion animation along the lines of Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart," involving a protagonist driven to madness by the sound of a coworker's gum cracking.

2. Sometimes I do chew gum, but always in desperation because I've eaten something that I just can't shake, like an onion.  I'm thinking of a cartoon of someone's desperate search for a sprig of mint in a landscape of giant scallions and walking sardines.

3. I have dental work, and unless I'm careful, chewing gum is likely to adhere and occasionally even gag me due to it's stickyness.  I'm thinking of some kind of 3-D figure, a poor, cringing specimen caught in a spiderweb of chewing gum that eminates from her mouth and sticks to every surface of her body, clothing and hair.  See my sketch, completed with office supplies in my cubicle farm!


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