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Cacy Forgenie




I Half Love New York

I Half Love NY is a heat transfer tshirt intended to degrade over time via multiple washes. 

The narrative of the shirt invokes the terrible state my city, NYC, is in: an enormous resurgence of homelessness, poverty, police brutality, rampant gentrification and the high cost of living. All these issues disproportionately affect people of color who are forced out of the city due to rising rents, lack of access to care and more. 

As a long term resident I wanted to create something that reflects my and my  fellow citizen's displeasure with the city's leadership and its lack of opportunities for its most vulnerable.

I chose an iconic logo/phrase associated with the city and flipped it because i wanted something recognizable and nostalgic, but updated. The new phrase is unpronounceable and is meant to jar the reader just as the current state of NY is jarring.

I chose heat transfer as the medium because it will crack and crumble over time. The physical cracking of the vinyl letters is meant to signal a psychological break as well as a physical one. 

The sample T is printed on an American Apparel shirt. The soft photography is due to image resizing. 

This shirt will be part of OBEAH collection launching spring 2016.





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