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Mete Erdogan

Designer and Art Director



I Failed My Way

My phrase was 'I Failed My Way' inspired by advice from my dad when responding to my shortcomings with success. The emotion is pride. Failure is something that should be celebrated, failing your way should be an honor. 

This is my moodboard, I thought about the feelings that come with pride; determination, strength, celebration, resilience. I thought about what images they conjured up and I thought of lions, crests, awards, gold, and decorative aristocratic signage.


This moodboard inspired the below thumbnails. I wanted to capture the excitement, ego and prestige that comes with pride. All four ideas relate to those concepts


I selected the top left concept becuase I felt that the floral, decorative direction would capture that heightened sense of self satisfaction. Also, to relate back to the elements and principles chapter, i really wanted to utilize scale, form and emphasis to draw the reader's eye to the operative word, 'MY'.


Once I figured out all my shapes and forms, I went over the sketch with a clean line trace to provide more clarity for the idea. This ironed out any ambiguity between loose lines and the final, clean shape.


After confirming the final layout, I traced the pencil line piece with another piece of tracing paper, this time with ink. This solidifies the contrast of the piece.


I then added the red extrusion with a brush pen. I used red rather than black so the foreground and background would be easier to separate when it comes time to digitize


I photographed the piece on my iPhone (Scanner reccomended) and brought it in to Photoshop where I adjusted the color, texture and contrast.



So here's my final piece, 'I Failed my way' featuring the emotion of pride. It's written on wood to  express success through hardship and weathering. I've given the illustration a 3D form to imply a sense of flight and looking up at something we can aspire to. The floral shapes and curls are inspired by the decorative and royal shapes in my moodboard plus the yellow and blacks reference those golds that I loved at the beginning.


Hope you enjoyed the class as much as I did putting it together!




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