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I Dwell in Possibility

"I dwell in Possibility"

This is from the American poet Emily Dickinson. It is the title and first line to one of her poems. In an 'I Dwell in Possibility' analysis, she regards poetry as free and limitless, as opposed to prose which are lined with doors and corners. It is a poem that analyzes the power gained by an artist through their art. Possibilities are endless.

I picked this phrase because I liked the diverse meanings that could be applied to it. It could be a very positive and freeing quote but it could also be very daunting and unnerving.


While I was brainstorming I decided the application I would apply this phrase to would be a Victorian calling card. In the Victorian Era, the exchange of calling cards was a social custom that was essential in developing friendships. They were created by skilled penman and had the highly skilled craft of calligraphy and embellishment of that era. I liked how it parallels our modern day business cards. Which are given to prospective clients, networking prospects or in hopes for a new job. Both are given with the unknown future potential.


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