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I Don't Even Know

Hiya! My name is Barbara and I'm 14 years old, I like to draw fanart but I've always wanted to make comics but had no idea where to start! I'm really excited about this class ^-^

Anyways, here's my project:


For my sketches I started experimenting with body shapes. I went with a rectangular upper body and an oval head with a pointy chin. I'm very chaotic and playful and I'm mostly found wearing comfy clothes and fandom merch. I also really love my owl onesie, so I wanted my character to wear that too. I personally really like how she turned out! ^-^

Model Sheet

Hi there! I didn't have much time to draw this week because I was busy with school, but I have a week off now so I'm going to draw a lot for the coming week!

My model sheet turned out like this:

I kinda messed up the shoes from the back view, eheh.. I'm really happy with how the side view turned out! I also really like the bottom right facial expression, I draw it a lot when I'm bored in class, hahaha. I'm not very happy with how the middle facial expression turned out, it just doesn't look.. right.. I didn't have the time to color it, I'm not really sure if I'm going to color it.. idk

I'm also thinking of adding a lazy koala as a pet sidekick, I really like koala's and I think they'd be fun to draw, but I'm not very sure of it yet.

Update: I tried sketching a koala and failed horribly

Idk, something just doesn't look right and I can't figure out what exactly >-<

I like the left sketch though, but I used a reference picture for that one


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