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I Do Love Tulips

I found myself with a free chunk of time and, after I had worked out my colours, I just kind of plowed ahead with it.

I didn't go with a single reference on this one, I put together a few different components into one. The royalty-free/free-for-use image of a spray of tulips was the starting point. I wanted to keep it simpler though and ultimately, wanted to use a different type of tulip head. I found a few different options from a gardening catalog just for color reference.



I sketched a few different tulip heads for variety...


and attempted the tissue paper exercise in composition. I love this technique! I did a quick sketch on tissue paper of the vase that I wanted to use (the one that I use when I actually bring real tulips home!) and used that as well. I could not for the life of me or Photoshop get a good picture of the final sketch on hero paper, the pencil lines were just too faint and the light in the room insufficient.


I sketched in the leaves and stems after I got the major pieces placed. I wanted to keep it bright because I was going to keep the background very minimal.


Painting in layers like that was really useful for the blend of colors on the petals as painting wet on wet had a tendency to lose the yellow entirely.


So Fun!!


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