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I Did It! I've Finally Taken the Watercolor Plunge :-)!

The Beginning, but not the end! I was so nervous about starting watercolor, it's a medium that takes a lot of control and knowledge to use well. That's why I've stuck, primarily, to ink and pen - it's more controllable and although it takes time to learn the techniques, the medium itself doesn't seem to work against you! LOL So watercolor doesn't have a mind of its own BUT it sure seems that way doesn't it?!

The blue geometric pattern is my first attempt after the class. I was very satisfied with my attempt to keep even spacing between the shapes without the use of masking fluid. This is major! My very first watercolor piece EVER. Wow! I love Keren's teaching method. I finished the class feeling confident to start to really dig in and learn. I wanted more!

So I went to YouTube because I wanted to learn to lay down a flat wash, smooth without the patchiness. And boy was I happy when I found Liron Yanconsky's ( @lironyanil ) Youtube tut 'How to REALLY get an EVEN wash - The Bead!' It just 'Clicked' for me after seeing that and following him. See the results of my second attempt in the yellow geometric patterns:


2nd Attempt is much more smooth - a true flat wash! I felt so proud of this one. I was able to follow the Bead! (see Liron's channel mention above - no I'm not a sponsor just so grateful) I also changed the paper and paint I used from the 1st one. This time I used my Winsor and Newton Cotman Watercolor paints and Arches hot-pressed watercolor paper. (I used hot-press because I knew it would be a max of two light layers only. I have every intention of getting Arches cold-press). Paper and paint absolutely makes a difference in results along with lots of practice.


1st Attempt was patchy! The paper was wrong and so was the paint. Not to mention I was still somewhat nervous. LOL In this one I used Reeves ( a brand common to Michael's Craft store) and Canson XL Cold Press Watercolor paper. I already had good brushes (I've been a watcher of the Mind of Watercolor - instructor Steve - on YouTube and got the brush recommendations from there).


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