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I Can Feel it In The Air

1. Street Portrait.

Early morning downtown Toronto. I took this picture after breakfast at Frans Restaurant, looking across is the legendary Massey Hall Theatre. I've chosed this picture because it describes best the current states of Toronto streets. Between the always rushing nurses, the business men on their way to their next presentation and the toronto constructions workers that have now become the norm everywhere you look.


2.Look Up.

If i were to name this picture i will simply call it "Insomnia". I took this picture past 4 A.M on a monday night after tossing and turning on my bed. I give you the Toronto CN Tower. This isnt my first choice for the look up, but i wanted to shout out the the hometown baseball team, the Toronto Blue Jays who happen to be on FUEGGO right now...



3. Motion

Took this picture @ Toronto Union Station around 7 A.M. Clearly around that time its not as busy but wanted a simple shot. Thie woman enterings the the shot is literally speed walking, but two things made me chose this. First the fact that i can read the word UNION in full and second of the red coffee cup she is holding on. The mark of proud Canadian workers, Tim hortons.


4.Night Shots.

This shot is from my apartment balcony. This is the 2 busiest highway in toronto the 401 express running from East to West. Took this picture while it was running and thundering as you can see the reflection in the sky...



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