I CAN! I WILL! - student project

I CAN! I WILL! - image 1 - student project

I love the person I am today. I love my experience, my skills, my look and many other things about myself. I know what I want and putting life goals to be achieved. I don't waste my time   thinking how great it would be to become the 20 year old student again etc. I do not need to go 18 years back to enjoy my life.  My life has just begun. However there is a fly in the ointment - my body weight and look. I want to have it as I had 18 years ago. And I must finally catch this fly and savour every mouthful of honey. I tried before. Failed. Tried again. Failed again. Maybe because I was trying and not doing? I believe that I CAN fall in love with my body.  I want in the final end:

  • size 36 (EU)
  • feel my muscles work and enjoy my body look 
  • be full of energy


Starting today I'll sleep minimum 7h/day and will go to bed before 11pm.

Starting today and further on - home cooked food at home and at the office. Will limit alcohol to 1 glass of wine a day occasionally. I'll limit coffee to 1 cup a day. I'll drink 1,5l of water / day.

21st Jan 18.00 I’ll be at a gym to prepare  a personal programme together with an instructor.

23d Jan I will start my training. I’ll practice 3 times per week. Business trips won't be accepted as an excuse - in every town I can find a gym, pay for a single entrance and come an inch closer to my goal.