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I Belonged to the church

Third Update- Second and Final(ish) draft is up. May work on it some more after the deadline but  I am satsified with it as a finished product considering only having a few days to work on it. Logline is also complete 

Second Update- First draft uploaded, I know there is only hours left but I will try to get a rewrite finished before midnight. Any feedback would be greatly apprected. I need help with the ending not very confident in the last scene. 

Update - have a somewhat treatment complete if anyone wants to give feedback on it. Will have first draft complete late tonight

I saw this class just a few days ago and decided to jump at the opportunity. I hope I can complete at least two drafts before the deadline so any feedback would be greatly appreciated once my first draft is up (should be latter tonight). Also please forgive and help me with grammar errors because I have not had a great english education.

Step One.

 I have chosen The Spoon River Anthology as my source text due to the depth of the characters and the way they are presented. As I went through the text Deacon Taylor stuck out to me and had a huge impact with just a few lines. As a christian I understood and connected with the character and his struggles that lead to his death. Many have this misunderstanding of Christianity that it makes your life perfect and easy but as Deacon Taylor can protest to it does far from that.


Step two

Second and Final draft-

Changed the ending and fixed some errors here is the final screenplay.



First draft- 


After reading the text a few times I started to have vivid scenes play in my head and slowly a story evolved. I decide to take the character and place him in current times as a family man and change to story a bit so that it focuses more on the affect his hidden sins has on his family then himself which leads to his sons death rather than his own.

I already have a strong sense of the beginning middle and ending scenes. I just need to fill in the details in between. The script will establish Taylor's double life from the first page. Opening with an intercut between Taylor receiving communion and consuming liquor the reader instantly knows his character.
Throughout the next few pages we see Taylor as a family man with a beautiful wife, 6 year old daughter, and typical teenaged boy. We also see glimpses of his hidden addiction. Taylor's son, Abel asks to borrow the car to take his girlfriend and a friend out, Taylor agrees. Abel girlfriend discovers some of his dads beer in the glove department of the car and they begin to drink it.
Latter that night Taylor and his wife get woken up by cops at the door informing them that their son has died in a drunk driving accident. This causes Taylor to trash all his hidden liquor and cry out to God.

Step 3

A christian father's secret sinful addiction tragicaly leaks into his seemingly perfect family life.


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