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I Am My Own Malfunction

2/25/14 @something o'clock

What problem areas?

Yeah this explains it to the T.

You would think with Aspergers I would be more focused and organized...apparently not the case anymore. Since having children and being my own boss my work flow has surpassed horrid conditions. 

I have so far tried to start and do something in this course 5 times now, sorry Tiago but you have put me to sleep 4 of those times. This is my 5th attempt and only just started my project not realizing this was an option (I am a noob to skillshare). But yeah apparently my brain goes into snooze mode when I hear Tiago's voice and try to follow along. 

I think it has more to do with doing both things for mac and todoist, maybe if some of the things were not completely irrelevant to me (I'm a PC :p) maybe that is where I disconnect but this is painful to get through for me at the moment. I have no f'ing clue why But so far I have downloaded Todoist and Evernote. 

I have so far 107  items in todoist from my half ass attempt to collect my open loops. I plan to really sit down and add more of them I have scattered around my office, workshop, notebooks, phone's task manager, gmails file systems, scrap paper around my desk and just flat out in my head but now it's dinner time.

3/2/2014 @ 1:06 am

The last week I have implemented Todoist and I have to say I LOVE IT, evernote not so much yet but I have not given it a whole lot of time. Been trying to download the openloops into todoist inbetween work duties. My inbox is one task I have not yet cleared out but I did get the number down to around 2k. I am very much looking forward to getting that back in order. I do have to purge/delete vs. archive many things perhaps the nature of my busienss but I do archive a hell of a lot as well. Fingers crossed this weekend I get that inbox number down to 1k and all the way down by next weekend.

I already had several physcial collection devices so tomorrow I will be executing the action of taking it down to 2, one for business and 1 for personal happenings such as kids doctors appts, schooling events, projects etc.

Moving onto phase 2 now and ps Tiago... that was not meant as an insult as my Husband pointed out that it probably could have been taken as one. That was more of a compliment, a soothing calming voice. I don't sleep much so to be able to put me to sleep is most certainly a good thing...unless that is I am trying to get through your course to orgaize my life! :) ... onto finishing phase 2 now.


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