Moranda Breaux

Conquer the World



I Am In the World, Not of It

I am in the world, not of it.  Therefore I do not think nor act like the world, my thoughts and actions are my own. Look, listen, and learn to and at yourself and others. Then you will discover who you are and your purpose, and you will be able to determine the difference between yourself and them. We all have our own mind, heart, body (physical/spiritual), and soul. The world isn’t genuine, the world is made up of emotions. People of the world are too touchy, their actions and words come from their emotions, and their emotions come from what they have heard someone else said and have seen someone else do; therefore, it is stuck in their mind. That is how many people end up in unfavorable situations, suffering consequences they don’t want to deal with. I have been there and done that, and landed myself in a situation I didn’t want to be in, and I definitely suffered the consequences.

Boy oh boy, when I tell you the world is cruel and do not care about you, believe it. I have always been one to do and say what I wanted to say and do regardless of what anyone thought, felt, and/or said about me and/or it, but I learned my lesson when I decided to speak and act the way someone else told me how I should speak and act, and only for their purpose and not mine. I didn't realize it until I got stuck being somewhere I didn’t want to be, living with people who ways weren’t of mine. I thought I was about to lose my mind, I felt myself slipping into a depression, and started disregarding myself just to consider theirs, and I even started feeling sorry for myself. I thought my life was over, actually, it was over because my soul became theirs. Day after day and night after night, all I would do is ask myself, ‘why and how did this happen to me? How did this happen to the person that knew what she wanted and knew what to do and say to get it? How did I get out of touch with myself and lose my faith?’ Then one day the answer came to me, "it happened because I started caring about what others thought, felt, and said about me". Okay, now I got that answer. Then I had another question, and that question was, “now how do I turn this situation around”? The answer was to think like the world, start controlling my emotions and start getting to them before they get to me by doing and saying what they hated about me the most. That would be my way of making them feel what they didn’t want to feel within themselves about me anymore, for whatever reason they were feeling the way they felt in themselves about me.

Watching and listening to the things people of the world do and say, I learned why they act the way they act and say the things they say.  Having knowledge and wisdom of why they do and say certain things, I figured out how to conquer the world.  The world expects people to be afraid of it, by setting rules and limits for its own selfish purpose and not for yours.  That is simply the reason there are so many people in the world with mental, psychological, social, emotional, and behavioral issues, they don’t know nor understand what’s going on, why things are happening to them that they don’t want to happen, why people are saying what they say about them, and why people are treating them the way they treat them.  Truthfully the world is weak, that is why people of the world try to tell others what they can or cannot do, what they should or should not say.  People of the world are always watching and listen to what others are doing and saying and the reason for that is to turn it around and use it against them.  When a person know you are focused on you and what you have to do for yourself, they lose focus on themselves and they have to say or do something to stop you in your tracks for the purpose of getting and staying ahead of you.  The world take your values and beliefs to make you think and feel you are wrong, you are not good enough, you will never get nor have great things, and that you will always be beneath them.  Stop listening to the world and start listening to your soul because your soul speaks to your heart, your heart speaks to your mind, and whatever is in your heart and soul will be revealed by your thoughts and actions.


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