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Kaytee Linton

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I Am Elsa

After researching, and thoroughly enjoying, Edjar Lee Master's Spoon River Anthology, I was immediately attracted to the story of Elsa Wertman.



I WAS a peasant girl from Germany,

Blue-eyed, rosy, happy and strong.

And the first place I worked was at Thomas Greene's.

On a summer's day when she was away

He stole into the kitchen and took me

Right in his arms and kissed me on my throat,

I turning my head. Then neither of us

Seemed to know what happened.

And I cried for what would become of me.

And cried and cried as my secret began to show.

One day Mrs. Greene said she understood,

And would make no trouble for me,

And, being childless, would adopt it.

(He had given her a farm to be still. )

So she hid in the house and sent out rumors,

As if it were going to happen to her.

And all went well and the child was born--

They were so kind to me.

Later I married Gus Wertman, and years passed.

But-- at political rallies when sitters-by thought I was crying

At the eloquence of Hamilton Greene--

That was not it. No! I wanted to say:

That's my son!

That's my son.



Adaption - I have decided to adapt the story of Elsa Wertman into a screenplay as I believe her character's story will affect an audience of any age and of any gender. Elsa's story is about making good and bad choices - how one small doing can effect your entire future. Making choices is something we do every mintue of every day, and we usually don't think twice about it. 

Elsa is a peasant girl working in the house of Thomas Greene. One day when Greene's wife is out, he and Elsa make love after Thomas came up behind Elsa and kissed her on the neck. She then turns her head so that they could kiss and things escalated - "neither of us seemed to know what happened." Elsa cries because she'd had sex with a married man and was afraid. When she then realized she was pregnant with Thomas, this greatly increased her worries and fears - "cried and cried as my secret began to show." 

Soon enough, the wife of Thomas Greene discovers Elsa's secret, and both Elsa and Mrs. Greene agree to keep it hidden - "One day Mrs. Greene said she understood, And would make no trouble for me, And, being childless, would adopt it." Mrs. Greene then hides herself in a house and quickly spreads rumours that she is pregnant. The child then grows up with Mr and Mrs. Greene, unknowing who his real mother is. Elsa's son grows to be a powerful political leader. One day, at a political rally, Elsa watches her son and immediatley you can sense the regret she has so giving up her son.


This poem expresses the unknowingness of the future with Elsa. Her life has changed drastically and she is no longer just a 'peasant girl,' all thanks to her decision making.

I have decided to stay loyal to the story, keeping the time-era and character names etc the same.

Characters - Elsa Wertman, Thomas Greene, Mrs. Greene, Gus Wertman, Hamilton Greene




unfortunately I lost my USB which contained drafts 2 and 3, but not to worry, I had my final draft already completed!

Draft 1 - 



Logline - A peasant girl falls pregnant with her cheating boss, causing a great deal of stress and commotion in her life. Was her bad decision for the better? After all, everything happens for a reason

My Background - I am a 18 year-old student with a great passion for scriptwriting. I have completed a few short films and currently working on my first feature script, which I hope to have completed by the end of summer. My goal is to one day become a successful screenwriter and/or director.

I would love to hear any feedback, concerns or suggestions from my fellow students! I wish you all the best of luck and can't wait to read everybody's projects!


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