I <3 watercolour

I <3 watercolour - student project

thank you for this quite revealing class!!

your work is absolutely dazzling!

As a very beginner I do not have many tools to test so my goal for this class was to explore wet on wet technique and learn how to achieve intentionally

1) hard and soft edges

2) smooth transactions and

3) blooms – cauliflowers

(where I want them and not just by chance somewhere on my page ).


my experimenting was aimed to discover how to achieve  desire effects on my paper.

(Canson C4 224 gsm and Fabriano Watercolour studio 300 gsm)

I use brushes like  Cotman 111 series No 4 and 6  and Artify



this class helped me to start building my personal experience and to be more aware of what I am doing

I have really enjoyed all those experiments! I can do them all day long)))

thank you for sharing your precious skills and shortening my way to success in watercolour and save me a lot of frustration 

(..and I apologise for my English one day I will take some classes))))))))))


some pages from my sketchbook

I have to admit it is still quite difficult for me to judge amount of water on the paper

and the pigment’s “thickness”


but I have learned what to observe and how it looks like when the paper is starting to dry

and that the key to good learning is observing and taking notesI <3 watercolour - image 1 - student projectI <3 watercolour - image 2 - student projectI <3 watercolour - image 3 - student project


drying time is very long I have to wait 5 minutes.

will test it again every time I need to use this technique to discover drying time on my paperI <3 watercolour - image 4 - student project

I <3 watercolour - image 5 - student projectI <3 watercolour - image 6 - student projectI <3 watercolour - image 7 - student project

some blooming

I <3 watercolour - image 8 - student project

pigment in water vs layering

I <3 watercolour - image 9 - student project