I - 110 (Treatment) + Three Short Pitches

This project feels like it is slipping through my fingers, but I went for it. Any and all feedback is much appreciated.

I -110


RITA (16F) is a young African American female living in south central Los Angeles, California in the late 1970’s. Her reality is a violent one. Her three older brothers (20, 25, 27) are all involved with a rapidly expanding and notoriously violent gang called the Bloods.

As the youngest sibling, RITA looks up to her brothers. RITA has wanted to get involved with the gang for many years while her brothers keep her at a safe distance. But, as rivalry increases between gangs, so does their recruitment, and RITA becomes more and more adamant.

A meeting is set as news carries through the organization that their recently incarcerated leader has drawn up directives after three years of aimless actions and reactions. RITA’s brothers are among those who meet. The letters arrive with a request for them to remain unopened until they have reached their destination across town, at the eastside set safe house. The men agree to honor the agreement and their courier be carefully selected. As the men discuss who to choose, RITA is proposed as retribution for the incident which imprisoned their leader.

With some retaliation from the brothers, RITA is summoned to the meeting later that day. She is told to deliver the letters without being told their purpose or contents. RITA is ecstatic and anxious to prove herself. She quickly finds herself on a city bus in route to the eastside safe house.

As she reaches the half way marker between territories, I-110, RITA has a moment of clarity as she reminisces the meeting alone on the bus. Overwhelmed with curiosity, RITA quickly examines the letters to discover they contain carefully diagramed communication and cartel networks, safe codes, high profile names; blueprints to the inner workings of the gang and directives for expansion. RITA’s excitement quickly turns to caution and concern as she nears the safe house.

At the safe house, RITA is met with alert suspicion. As the set members thoroughly search and question RITA, the set leader enters the dark room and sits across from her. Immediately, RITA notices something peculiar about the man. He treated her unlike any Blood member had in her long history associated with the gang. What is more was his intensity and restless behavior; as no one was supposed to know the contents of the letters or exactly who had produced them. She quickly decides to act naïve and insists she is the receiving courier, not the delivering. Having found no letters on her person, confused, they send her away.

            RITA returns home to talk with her brothers about her experience. They ask about the letters and RITA explains she had read them, readdressed them to herself, and placed them in a random mailbox. Moments later, the letters are delivered to their front door by an unsuspecting US Postal Service worker. The brothers decide to tail the suspicious man from the eastside safe house. They follow him to an empty hanger near Los Angeles International Airport wherein he meets with a man in black and boards a small plane. As the plane departs, the brothers drive back to the westside safe house where they find Bloods from all over Los Angeles, and RITA reading the letters.


Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read these. I appreciate any and all feedback.

I -110 – Los Angeles, California in the late 1970’s is headlong in cultivating two of North America’s most dangerous and massive criminal organizations; the Bloods and the Crips. A product of gentrification, crack cocaine, rage, and time, the two gangs establish sophisticated communication networks to exchange information and instructions unmolested by each other and the Federal government hot on their heels.

            Important instructions from the Blood’s organization head manage out of prison and into the hands of a commanding street soldier whose job it is to distribute the information throughout the sets. Being the soldier’s reputation with street police, he cannot risk distributing the information himself. He elicits the errand as initiation for a young female recruit named Red. She is only told to deliver the papers. As she travels across the city her curiosity forces her hand to examine the instructions and discover its contents manifest rapid expansion of east coast sets and around the world. With a heightened sense of care and caution she discovers the contact is not who he says he is. Red must favor a side of her fulcrum position and, in doing so, the fate of her blood.

Mr. Beck Wood - An American children’s television personality who’s M.O. is as soft as his sweaters has been a media icon for centuries. His advocacy for children’s education has escalated his entire career, but lately escalation has steepened. What parents watching the show assumed were quirky, age coded innuendos began occurring more frequently, and less innocent. Complaints began filling the television station as his remarks turned philosophical and psychological, beautiful and horrifying; always cloaked in a voice like a Quaalude. A great debate results in fruition and a call to court. His show and its fans are disbanded, and a movement is organized. The nation is split and tensions are high. A keystone man could be a convincing story to a troubled and fed up soul.

Tabby – Thousands of years into the future, earth is reduced to ruins and a scorched sky. The populations of most species are near extinct, including human beings. Culture has dissolved into a tedious grey existence where all is bones and miles between neighbors; even for cats.

            A matted, disgruntled cat steps off the searing fire escape into one of thousands of ruinous city towers. He shimmies across a table and brushes a record player as he jumps to the floor. The record begins spinning. Slowly, a pair of broken speakers comes alive; not with sound, but color. It spreads like wet ink into rainbow sprites who take flight, started and overwhelmed. They discover the cat, deduce he had moved the record player, and devise a plan to wake him.


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