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I *Need* A Haircut

Update 7.27.2013

I'm going to go with the hair story for this project because I had the most fun thinking about the story and a good way to tell it. 

Following the project guide - I put together the paradigm and some thumbnails for this story:

The thumbnails are pretty rough at this point - I'll be cleaning them up as well as adding in more continuity. 

Some research / reference photos:


Thanks to everyone who commented! I was pretty torn between the subway story and the hair prank. I ended up sketching ideas for both in order to get a better sense for the projects. I've added the pictures below!

Three ideas:

Tired, Wet, and Almost Crispy:

The time my friend and I went backpacking on Mt. Washington in the White Mountain in New Hampshire. Not only was it a much more strenuous hike than I had ever done, we were also caught in a thunderstorm while out on an open ridge in the alpine zone (no trees for protection). Likely to be a dramatic and hilariously wet tale of survival.

Subways and Youth

The time my friends and I were waiting for the subway in NYC and I dropped my *new* sunglasses down onto the tracks. Driven by the fact that I had just lost 4 pairs of sunglasses in the past 6 month and fueled by no small amount of youthful ignorance, I jumped down onto the track to retrieve them. What started as victorious celebration for my friends when sunglasses were in hand, turned to terror when I heard the tracks rumbling as a train started to approach. I scrambled to get out, realizing that the platform was pretty tall for my 5'3'' frame. With the help of all my friends, pulling and dragging, I made it out in time, mostly unscathed.

The Hair Prank

The time when I, as a teenager, went to visit family in China with a very old passport photo (child-me). Despite my desperate need for a haircut, my mother was terrified that I wouldn't be allowed back in the country because I would look too different. So while shopping, my aunt and I spotted a super short wig, which we then bought and I wore home. Needless to say my mother FREAKED and began shrieking about looking too different and being irresponsible. My grandfather hearing all this, asked "what's different?"


AFTER the sketching, the hair prank story seems like it'd be more fun. I'm really looking forward to drawing the subtle expressions of mischief!


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