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I'm In Love....

Yes I just want to say thanks for this class. I loved watching the videos and especially the one where you tour the art store. I have to take a trip to San Francisco just to vistit all of the cool shops....and to eat. Anyway I was excited to post my progress so I started out by tracing a bunch of letters. I'll post these later. I am loving the big letters I drew here. I am practicing and practicing because I want to use these in my art. I love love these letters because they remind me of the letters I used to draw as a kid....I  never knew that I could actually do this for a living...didn't even realize this in college. Welll thank goodness for all of the amazing talent I find on the web! I mean yes I was aware of graphic design, but never really thought... hey I could do this.....anyway here is where I am at.

I want to give this to a kid for Valentine's Day. She is family so I won't be including the address but here are a few layouts with a pretend address.

I'm thinking of this design but no sure.  I'm thinking of watercolors and using a true wite recycled envelope.

So here is my final Letter. Thanks so much Erik for doing this class and helping newbies like me become artists too. I had my doubts about doing this because I feel like I practice and practice so much and wonder... but as I was doing this and other projects, I realized something. I have talent and I need to keep on practicing. Yeah this is not perfect but right now it is. I have many thoughts to share and inspire to the world and handlettering and painting can help me tell my story. I want to write children's books and continue on with improving my letters, writing and painting and this is such a confidence booster.

I have tons and tons of letters I practice....some say my collection is pretty crazy.

Teriible pictures...something else I am working on. LOL


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