Hyrule Postcard (progress)

Hyrule Postcard (progress) - student project

While this project is not finished, I have put a pause on it for now, and I'm not sure when, if at all, I will come back to it, so here it is for now.

I started off by thinking of a few cities and ideas. I'm from Seattle too, so I wanted to do something different, and every other real life city I felt connected to had a really long name (sorry Bellingham, too many letters to deal with!).  I thought it would be fun to do Hyrule because it was a good fit for the card, I love the LoZ games, and I had a lot of art to get ideas from.


Having more experience with Illustrator than Photoshop, I did my letter illustrations there.  It was really fun experimenting with how to do vector illustrations but make them look more painted.  I definitely learned the importance of layers here too.

Hyrule Postcard (progress) - image 1 - student project

One of the things I did to achieve the painted effect, was use lots of layers with different brushes and transparencies.

...but here is where I reached my problem...

Finished illustration piece:

Hyrule Postcard (progress) - image 2 - student project


When I went to group pieces of my illustrations, they did two things:

Hyrule Postcard (progress) - image 3 - student project

They reordered the layers & after fixing those layers manually, I learned they also lost almost all transparency effects (I could find no rhyme or reason as to why some lost the effect and others did not, but it was the majority):

Hyrule Postcard (progress) - image 4 - student project

(How ironic that this would come to my attention through Majora's mask?)

While it may seem subtle, as a whole it made everything intensely saturated and high contrast.

I decided to just try to work around it, and put the pieces together.  Unfortunately, without being able to use transparency (the problem continued through to most of the "after effects"), I couldn't really get it to look cohesive or vintage.

That being said, it still looks much cooler than a blank piece of paper, and maybe I can fix it in the future.

Hyrule Postcard (progress) - image 5 - student project