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Thiago Ricieri

Software Engineer at Pluto TV



Hypo App - Fast Contact Sharing

About the project

My personal project is an app I'm creating for fast contact sharing. It works like: you have the app, you are in some place (like a congress, a coffee shop, a conference) and you can see people around you. Some of them may be potential clients or business partners, so you want to get their contact but you don't have a card right in hand (I faced this many times, and I do have business cards!) 

To do that, you will connect your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, your phone(s) number(s), email(s) address and anything else you would like to share with someone at some moment. When this moment comes, you just need to select which type of contact you want to give to that person.

I don't have a landing page, so I will start from scratch (a little bit late comparing to everyone else here, sorry for that). I watched all the videos, by the way, Jack, I like your style of talking :-) 

Purpose of the landing page

To get people to download the app.


Copy 1: "Your business card, when you don't have a business card" 

Basically I want to say the app is useful for that moment when you don't have a business card in hand, but you need/want to connect to the person you just meet. Of course, the app may be use for new friends, like someone you meet in a club or in a house party.

Copy 2: "The fastest way to get connect with no typing"

In this second idea I'm trying to express that there'll be no more grabbing a card and typing in your agenda.

Copy 3: "This is not a business card, but it's your best card for business"

The third idea is trying to express the feature of finding anybody around you and they speciallity, so you can find a helpful contact to connect to. My hypothesis is that this app will be very useful in conferences and congress and it's not the goal of it to substitute the business card (which I myself love to have).

As you can see, I'm working on in some ideas yet, also any suggestion will be appretiate :)


I'm aiming the Convenience and Curiosity motivations. I'll mockup a landing page example to express that.

Features and Benefits

I think it's important for me to put here my app's features and benefits:

Features: 1) index your mostly used social networks and direct contact channels to share; 2) see who is around you; 3) Receive contacts from others

Benefits: 1) share easily and smoothly your contacts over the air with anybody around you with or without a business card, so it will give you an advantage to find business partners, new friends or even the love of your life (who knows?!); 2) Get to know who is around you and what is their speciality, maybe you are finding for some mobile UI designer ninja and he/she is right behind you; 3) Anyone who wants to connect with you will send you their contact so you can accept they all later when you have time. This is useful when you are a "celebrity" or a lot of people comes to talk with you at once.


Sadly I'm still working on the mock-up (I'm not a designer LOL) so as soon as I finish it I will update this page. 


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