Hyperlocal History

Hyperlocal History - student project

I'm designing a logo for Hyperlocal History, an educational website that will not only tell the story of individual pioneers (like the bricklayers of Saint Paul, Minnesota's West Side) but also give people a sense of the places they lived.

Notes on Logo Sketching

Started out drawing "hyper local" roughly on diagonal lines (both words have 5 letters each, whereas history has 7), experimented included an arrow through a heart beneath both words. 

Also experimented with dropping heart illustration, and instead extending the "H" and "Y" in history to the edge of the logo + paid a lot more attention to white space between beneath both sets of words (bottom right sketch)

Actual sketch is pretty gnarly—lettering definitely needs work... I'd like to excuse it with my writer's handwriting.  And I'm open to any and all suggestions for improvement. 

Hyperlocal History - image 1 - student project

Some quick, first attempts at both digitization and presenting "Hyperlocal" as one word.

First in black and white, in a few variations—both san-serif and serif (and with spurs!):

Hyperlocal History - image 2 - student projectHyperlocal History - image 3 - student project

Hyperlocal History - image 4 - student project

Then in green, in Sanchez + Lintel, with added bars:

Hyperlocal History - image 5 - student project

Will post other revisions by the deadline—still working through this week's videos. 

UPDATE 4/19/13

Based on feedback, I'm including two logos—identical except for font pairing and color. Haymaker + Lintel in a dark grey, and Sanchez + Lintel in green. Also toned down the logo closer to narrower bars.

Hyperlocal History - image 6 - student project

UPDATE 4/23/13

Minor tweak to logo—adjusted extended "H" and Y" to be equal with bottom line beneath. 

Hyperlocal History - image 7 - student project

Dakota Sexton

Writer, Web Designer