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Mandi Miles

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Hyperfocus is my Superpower

Too many ADD/ADHD children grow up hearing about how they can't do this or that. I choose to celebrate one of the many overlooked strengths... Hyperfocus. True, like many superpowers it can be used for good or evil, but when harnessed for good hyperfocus is nearly unstoppable ;). 

I had a big long list of brain dumped ideas, but it appears to have walked away. Probably turned into a nice long tic-tac-toe challenge round [that's the going past-time of choice around here these days]. Essentially, it included ideas such as these:

  • empowerment
  • superheros
  • playful
  • retro comicbooks
  • half-tone 
  • offset 
  • 3D lettering
  • sunbursts
  • stars
  • motion
  • project magnified
  • bigger than life
  • tunnel vision
  • concentric circles
  • CMYK

That's it so far. 


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