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Dale Adams

Sonic/Visual Architek




I've been playing with the Hype library for a few weeks and now knocked out sections 1 and 2. Time to get knee deep in Hype and make some things.


I've gone through all the course materail and now started a new project using the library. First iteration, some random HColorField andusing HEllipse. I found thought that HRect was more for what I was going for. 

After some serious work to get right, HOscillations started to bring some life to the sketch. 

Then I started to get some intersting thing happening when I added the HSwarrm into the mix. 

Although I am liking the direction this is heading I"m definitely open to some feedback if you have any.

Update: Going back to keeping it simple and changing the spaces between rows

After really enjoying how this feels, I wanted to incorporate some text using a project I'm currently developing. I haven't got into the font selection yet but I did run across something interesting. It originally generates the text I believe using a psuedo random spacing that I'm not sure where it's coming from. Pleasantely surprised at the outcome.

The only problem is that when I save to PDF it ends up saving it in a normal spacing, I only can get this when I save it as a mac system screen capture . After a few hours I still can't seem to get it right. Here's the PDF version below. If anyone has any ideas on a solution I'm open to share the code. 


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