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Hype Playground

I just started to play with Hype and found tons of fun \(^o^)/

1. Typography

I'm attening monthly meetup for creative coders called Processing Vancouver. This might be one of mastheads for our website. I'm not sure how I can publish animated gif from a sketch, so I published .png 8 times and made this animated gif on Photoshop.

HDrawablePool, HShapeLayout

2. Color

I made Tumblr site called Washroom of the day, washroom sign archives and a visual for masthead was required. I prepared 4 types of svg (men, women, gender free1, gender free2) and stole colors from "The Snail" by my favorite artist Henri Matisse. Simple, but looks not bad thanks to power of Hype and Matisse colors!

Washroom of the day

The Snail

HColorPool, HDrawablePool, HGridLayout

3, HGridLayout

Random color


Random color and alpha


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