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Michelle Furedy

Graphic Designer



Hype Art

This class has been so much fun. I've played around with Processing before and I took the Nicholas Felton data visualization class last year but this is right up my alley. Here are a few sketches that I've done so far. I'll post more as I create them.

I'm playing around with shapes that will create new shapes in a grid. These are all squares with half circles cut out of them. In a grid, they create whole circles. 


Here are some wonky circles with grids inside. I'm getting the hang of using SVGs with Processing. The layer order and grouping matters!


I cheated a little and started the next animation class. Here's one of my sketches with the stroke animated with random colors. I wish I could do .randomColors with transparency but this is still pretty cool.


This is me playing around with fill and stroke color randomization. I cut up some letters in Illustrator and created SVGs out of them. This is two different grids of letters layered on top of eachother. 


This is another experiment with HGridLayout and HRotate. It reminds me of stitches on an embroidery grid.


This is a section of a sketch using HGridLayout and HRotate. The colors were stolen from a photo of a woman in a red bathing suit in a pool. 



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