Hyena | Skillshare Projects

Melissa Lee

allow yourself to fail before you succeed




Thanks so much for the awesome class! I'm really enjoying myself so far.

I deliberated for a long time, going back and forth between animals, before finally thinking of the hyena and having an OMG YES moment. ;) I wanted something interesting and unique-looking with facial features that would work well in a front-facing view, so I'm pretty happy with my choice.

Here's my sketch:


And the reference pics I used:


I thought I'd go with some Northern African inspired patterning and shield motifs for the accents on the face since a majority of hyenas live in Northern Africa. 

I'm fairly new to Illustrator, so I'm nowhere near done building it in the program, but I'm getting there! Here's my progress so far (Note: I'm not necessarily going to keep that color palette):



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