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Matt Eeks

space ranger




Joshua Smith, aka Hydro74, is a straight up character & was an easy subject to target! I had screenshot his pic a while back for caricature purposes later on down the road.

I quick sketched his face shape, kind of a pair. Accentuated his no dount enlarged frontal lobe due to his genius like vector abilities, serious-ish face & that beard that'd makes the amish jealous. Beer & jack filled eyes, mainly because he drinks beer & Jack, tricky I know. haha!

This also took about 15-17mins, forgot to set timer. 8mins would be great, 6mins a miracle! haha! All done in photoshop 3 layers.

Hydro is a vector artist & in a league of his own having done work for so many top companies including Nike & Lucas Studios. Defintely follow him even though hes a wiley one =]


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