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Huxley, Good Dog

I've always been fascinated and intimidated in equal parts by hand drawn type. I loved the videos though and I realize I need to just start doing it, playing with it and realizing it's not an exact science. 

For my first project, I wanted to create a kind of logo/type poster out of my Boston Terrier's name, Huxley. Here is my progression...

I knew I wanted something structured with nice soft connecting curves... I also really like the single weight letters for this.

I added the Est. 2013 as a joke, since that's when Huxley was born. I also played with adding triangles just as a graphic element that mimic the negative space in the X, and putting the whole thing in a big diamond.

I wanted to add some more text, so I put Good Dog below, so you kind of get what the word Huxley is about.

Then I dropped the diamond. I wasn't sure I liked it and wanted to see it without.

This version below kind of works for me because the supporting type and triangles create the suggestion of a defining shape in the background without taking away from the center focus.

But I still wanted to play around with it more. So I went dark.

Then I realized, what if I made the triangles into the suggestion of ears and add a red bar below to suggest his collar. It alllmost starts to look like a little black and white puppy head. Doesn't it? (Or am I kidding myself...)

Simplified it a bit...

Then simplified a bit more, but added some fanciness to the central text.

Then I went back to the drawing board and simplified it again... And I think this may be my favorite. Simple and clean and I like the gold color palette. My husband thought I should change it to Good Boy, instead of Dog. 

So that's where I ended up! What do you think! Any thoughts? 

And P.S. I kind of cheated with the supporting text and did not draw it. 


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