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Hutchison Family Crest

So I wanted something to represent my little family.  Emily, Ruby, Gertie and Me.  I also wanted to connect to both Ohio and Cincinnati since all of us are born and raised here.  I threw this all into a bag of research and found some really cool stuff.

So on the Ohio Seal, there is both a bundle of wheat and a bundle of arrows.  I thought that would be cool to include in my design. 


Wheat and laurel look kind of close, so I decided to try and make wheat instead and since I had the wheat, I had to add the arrows as well. My wife is a teacher and my kids are avid readers so I wanted to include a book into my design. I mixed all these elements into different design ideas until I got the one I wanted.

It took me some time to get the colors I wanted.  Cincinnati has a lot of different color schemes.  Red and white. Orange and red.  Red and black.  But I decided to get my inspiration from something else entirely from sports  Octoberfest Zinzinnati is a big deal here every year and celebrates the city's German history.  I found some really nice colors in some of their banners. I really liked the mix and came up with my final version.

Hope you enjoy!

Ben J Hutchison


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