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Husdon Soap Company Label Design

Post 1:

Jumping in on this project a little late–things have been crazy.

Hudson Soap Company is a Brooklyn-based soap company created by a good friend of mine. She single handedly, handmakes all of the soap. All the ingredients are only natural and organic, the soap itself is biodegradable. Her soaps have great texture and color–overall a beautiful product. We are working to come up with a hand-lettered logo. The idea is to give the soap an authenitic old-timey feel. Here's my mood board:

Post 2:

I've missed the June 19 deadline, but am moving forward as I have time. I have 3 sketchings for the logo/label design–each at various degrees of finish. 

A. Design A probably has the least amount of finish, but the idea is clearly there. The fox is something asked for by the HSC founder.  I like the simplicity of this one. The space at the bottom of the design (currently with "Lavendar Rose") will be left blank for the soap name to be written in.

B. Design B also has the space for the soap name to be written in later. I like the amount of information that can fit into this design. If I move forward with this one, I'm thinking I will try out some floral-sort of border.

C. Design C has the most amount of finish and is the most elaborate. I think I prefer the thicker letters to Design B. The information in the corners is more or less place holder for now. Would also like to work in a spot for the soap name to be written in.

Looking forward to constructive feedback!




Post 3:

Finally picking this back up again.

I've moved forward with design A—cleaned it up quite a bit and played around with options for the seal. Leaning toward option 2 right now. Also moving the specific kind of soap to the side of the packaging. I still like the idea of leaving a space for it to be handwritten in. Allows for mass production of the label and gives the soap even more of a handmade touch.



Post 4:

Vector & color. 

Post 5:


Post 6:

The finished product! See more at


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