For my infographic, I wanted to play off of the idea that most people think of hurricanes as terribly destructive storms. Instead of focusing on the detriment they cause, or the high extremes, I wanted to focus on the opposite of that and showcase named hurricanes that were puny (in the grand scheme of things). By no means should class 1 storms be ignored, but I still wanted my infographic to be playful, so I decided to refer to these class 1 hurricanes as "hurrican'ts." 

For now, I'm focusing on plotting each class 1 hurrican't from 1950–2012 on the map. As I've been plotting, I've noticed that because there are 20+ pieces of data, I may need to make my type smaller in order to puzzle all the data together. I also plan on adding in a subtle border for the states and perhaps each states' two-letter abbreviation screened back to make the location of each storm more clear.

I'll be continuing to work on plotting my points, but also am starting to think about the best way to make this appear playful. Perhaps the addition of iconic illustrations or a change in color scheme so it doesn't appear as severe.

Looking forward to next steps! I'd be happy to be used as an example in the critique. Would love to hear anyone's feedback.

Screen shot of my project: