Hurricane infographic - R̶o̶u̶n̶d̶ ̶2̶ R̶O̶U̶N̶D̶ ̶3̶ FINAL

Hurricane infographic - R̶o̶u̶n̶d̶ ̶2̶ R̶O̶U̶N̶D̶ ̶3̶  FINAL - student project

Hurricane infographic - R̶o̶u̶n̶d̶ ̶2̶ R̶O̶U̶N̶D̶ ̶3̶  FINAL - image 1 - student project

FINAL (above)

Decided to go with Highway for the headlines on this. I think the oblique nature of it is nice to reinforce the subject matter of strong winds in a hurricane. Finally landed on a combo of orange and light and dark blue for the headlines. Great idea Liz and Gavin to try out the Open Type "swash" features of this typeface - though the kerning may be slightly off on this first attempt!

After a lot of trial and error and tinkering I landed on the current iteration of the flags. Not convinced they are the best solution, but I am happy with the way they are gridded and, while the lines are still a bit clumsy, they are functional. I thought the information the flags contain might be duplicative at first, but they provide more specific data than the colors on the map. The map is nice to show which states are hit the hardest in a quick read.

I am interested in information design and have appreciated the opportunity to take this class and receive the feedback along the way. I definitely think, with a little more work, this will be a strong portfolio piece!


Dan Lesage

Hurricane infographic - R̶o̶u̶n̶d̶ ̶2̶ R̶O̶U̶N̶D̶ ̶3̶  FINAL - image 2 - student project

Round 3:  PDF here

A little more process. Trying to find a good way to illustrate the flags. Probably won't use the drop shadow (or might tone it down). Thinking about maybe using Highway for these (Liz & Gavin - I purchased this font from Dan! ) Not sure if I should be trying to introduce yet another typeface into this. Maybe use it for headings elsewhere?

Also, some color exploration for the type throughout.


Hurricane infographic - R̶o̶u̶n̶d̶ ̶2̶ R̶O̶U̶N̶D̶ ̶3̶  FINAL - image 3 - student project

Round 2:   PDF here to see detail

Based on the great feedback I received, I updated my infographic to be more aesthetically pleasing:

• Increased canvas size from 13x19 --> 16x20 giving the information and type more room to breathe

• Increased type size on left hand side info. I didn't want to cut the copy down, so I enlarged it to make it more readable. Does this work and not feel too "heavy?"

• Flags (still in process): Contain state name and number of times state has been hit by a hurricane. Extra level of info in addition to map colors. Want to include one other level on these, but not sure what info would be interesting/appropriate. Category 3 and above storms are considered "Major." Would that be interesting enough to include here, tying it into the category theme? It would be a slice of info of the total # of hurricanes that hit each state. Also, suggestions on color of the flag/thickness on the lines on "flag pole?" Is it weird that they have 90 degree angles? Trying to fit all 18 in on a grid above the map

• Improved the color scale for the map. I used the suggested yellow --> red color scheme because it felt more intense than the cooler green/blue colors. I am trying to reinforce the "tension" of the storm topic and the sheer number of storms that hit this part of the country. The map "key" is now vertical and larger on the right side, which reads much better. Also, used white instead of that nasty grey to separate the states on the map

• The "Top 5" intense storms are now below the map, with connecting lines to each "eye" where they made landfall. "Andrew" hit Florida and Louisiana, traveling through the Gulf, so I left it in the middle intentionally. Weird? I haven't landed on a final color for these "eyes." The current blue color is better than black, but not there yet. I liked the boldness and hierarchy of the layout of the type in this section, so that remains largely unchanged - except I figured it made more sense to run it horizontally across the bottom from 1 --> 5 (most to least intense)

• I have been looking at Nick Felton's work (specifically type and color usage) for some ideas on how to try and find a good way to carry some color through the main headings in the infographic to help break up the black text. I hope this won't distract from the map, which I really like as a main focal point

Looking forward to hearing some thoughts on this updated version! Previous version is pasted below for reference, since I wasn't able to upload it earlier this week.

Dan Lesage  1/25/2013 12:45am PST

Hurricane infographic - R̶o̶u̶n̶d̶ ̶2̶ R̶O̶U̶N̶D̶ ̶3̶  FINAL - image 4 - student project


I have been unable to get a "Project Cover Photo" or graphic of my pjoject uploaded, so please see the dropbox link below. There you will be able to view a PDF of my infographic.

I had some extra time this weekend, so after a little sketching, decided to hop on the computer and put this together. I used some of the data from prompts 2 and 5 to map the five most intense hurricanes, and the heatmap illustrates which states were hit the most. I also pulled data from NOAA about how hurricanes are named and classified into categories because I was curious and thought it might be interesting.

I am not yet happy with the color and type choices, and I know it still needs some work. For example, it is really text heavy on the left... I have been staring at it a lot over the past couple of days, so fresh eyes and feedback is welcome and will be greatly appreciated.


Dan Lesage


The Texas flag that's repeated will be replaced by the flags of Florida, Mississippi and Louisiana as part of illustrating the 5 most intense storms **