Hurricane State

For my own selfish reasons, I want to give my sister some visual incentive to move back to Canada from Florida! Maybe this map will convince her.

1. Show heat map of the states that have been most effected by hurricanes. (this will be a small portion of the piece)

2. Zoom in and show a heat map of most hit regions in Florida - NW (59) /NE (22) /SW (42) /SE (45)

3. Overlay the tragectories of the hurricanes that have hit Florida in the last decade and pinpoint St. Petersburg (where she lives)

4. To infuse with humour, my sister's middle name is Jeanne. I will add an additional layer of info to highlight Jeanne's impact (#10 costliest hurricane, maybe another item about Jeanne that I can find outside of the info we've been provided).


Still sketching, will post soon and I look forward to feedback.



- Separated Florida into 4 quadrants as per the #2 dataset's longitude & latitude coordinates so that I can use various shades of a colour to demonstrate what area of Florida get's hit the most. Used this site:

- Of all the vector maps, none were accurate, so I traced my own for more accurate positioning of elements. (if anyone wants this file, I am happy to share)

- Now to trace trajectories and display info of worst hurricanes to hit Florida in the last 5 years (to make it more relevant to my sister who has only lived in FL for less than a year).


Additional Sources:

Tracking Hurrucane Jeanne (2004)

Hurricane Jeanne: