Abigail Besdin

Content Lead, Skillshare



Hurricane Sandy Story

I was evacuated from my apartment in Williamsburg but luckily was able to stay with family not too far away. My story:

From my apartment, you can usually see the whole Manhattan skyline lit up in the distance. When night fell on Tuesday, half of Manhattan disappeared into the darkness completely. I mean completely. It looked as though 23rd street and below had just fallen off the grid (pun kind of intended).

I couldn't stop thinking what that darkness looked like from the inside so on Wednesday I set out with a fellow adventurer across the Williamsburg bridge into downtown Manhattan. We walked. With flashlights, and why not, walkie-talkies.

The bridge was dark to start but when we hit the midway point crossing into Manhattan you literally could not see 2 feet in front of you. I'd only ever experienced darkness like that before camping in the desert. Pitch. Black. You'd see a biker zip by every few seconds, but only their glaring headlight visible and nothing else.

When we got to the other side, main streets like Delancey were pretty lit up - cop cars lined the streets with light beams. But if you looked left or right down a side street, you couldn't see through to the other side, it was just more darkness. Uninhabitable was the only word that came to mind.

With not very much to do, we headed back to Williamsburg - a five minute cab ride away - to sit down to dinner as usual at a local favorite spot. So close, but so, so far!


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