Hurricane Damage Cost Infographic

Hurricane Damage Cost Infographic - student project

Hurricane Damage Cost Infographic - image 1 - student project

Final layout.

Hurricane Damage Cost Infographic - image 2 - student project

After recieving Naya's feedback and because of my general feeling of not being fully satisfied with my result, I went back and reexamined the layout. One of my central issues is that I have a lot of overlapping data, in the instructor examples most of the data displayed is shown discretely. I was also wondering if in terms of narrative the storm tracks were the most important thing I could show. I put together this alternate version which in which I've tried to shift the emphasis to the main storm impact points as they relate to the details in my legend. There are on 3 points mapped on this version. You can see that Andrew and Katrina have a lot of overlap, I'm not sure whether a higher level of differentiation is needed there, or if the overlap emphasizes the vulnerability of the New Orleans area to a greater degree.

Thank you everyone who's taken the time to provide feedback.

Hurricane Damage Cost Infographic - image 3 - student project

My first draft. I consider this an alpha version.This is what I was planning on, but I think it needs something else I haven't figured out yet. I plan on spending more time on this over the weekend.

Hurricane Damage Cost Infographic - image 4 - student project

Trying to nail the fundamentals down on this. I am going with the up to 2010 data, honestly kind of confused whether Sandy is a hurricane or something else. 

I went with a dark map just out of personal preference, I always liked those all black style globes. I do like it as a backdrop for the colored storm tracks and letters though, and it makes color coding easy. 

After I got into the data I realized that 1.) I needed more to tell a decent story, and 2.) the same kind of data isn't uniformly available. What I'm doing is just adding two lines of basic facts about losses incurred for each.

My order or establishing precedence is to just use size. Starting with 50pt type and 5pt lines and dropping everything down from 50-10. That may not exactly pan out in the end and I might fudge some sizes.

What else do I need here?

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