Hurri-can't escape me

Hurri-can't escape me - student project


Update Jan 29 2012 12:44 pm PT

* Evenly space out the chart so its easier to read, and fixed some minor text stretching issues.

** Removed dotted lines, seemed to be misleading, as it could cause viewer to think that hurricane direction is south bound.

Hurri-can't escape me - image 1 - student project


Update Jan 29 2012 11:54 am PT

Added a gradient to the bottom to add some diversity to the background.

Hurri-can't escape me - image 2 - student project


Update Jan 29 2012 11am PT

I am not that great with Illustrator just yet.  I have read up on dozens of tutorials and this is where my infographic came out.  Not bad for my first time, suggestions are welcome! :-D

Hurri-can't escape me - image 3 - student project


Update Jan 22 2012

Hurri-can't escape me - image 4 - student project

* I probably should have listed the 5 highest years in order.

** Should I show the trail of the hurricanes?

***Must spread dates better so it would be easier to read... it might display better in illustrator

I thought the most deadliest US hurricanes would be a fun way to start an infographics class.


Update JAN 21 2012

*I keep getting an error code when trying to upload photos "XHR returned response code 400"