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Hurray, Processing! <3


Hi! :D

First, let's say that: THANK YOU so much, Josh! You have been such an inspiration to me, and taking that course gave me confidence in my work again. Big thing, right? :D

This is not my first attempt at learning Processing; I have been really interested since my graphic design teacher showed us examples back at school a few years ago. I started reading Matt Pearson's book about 6 months ago, was really into it, but got a headache when he started talking about random functions, formulas and stuff... I am not a programmer, though I have been learning basics in Js, AS3 etc for the sake of my degree in Multimedia (thanks to that I'm a bit more familiar with the structure of code). I found myself really comfortable so far with Processing and HYPE, really really nice tools. And the environment we set up at the beginning is mint :)

I started the course on the 18th, and was getting obsessed by those tattoos on Pinterest (I use Pinterest a lot):

Then I found a great collection of free vector japanese patterns (here's the link if you're interested ^^). I decided to combine the two and ended up with those svgs:

Here are some of my first attempts using HColorPool, and just playing around with alpha, size, stroke, colour... I used images from Design Seeds, great inspiration for palettes!

This last one is definitely my favourite :)

I went through lesson 6 by now, but I really want to assimilate the lessons 1 to 5 before starting to play with HGridLayout. So I'm going to see the videos all over again, and build my knowledge little by little :) Hope you like it!




I completed the course a few days ago; great stuff, really! Oh, and here's a wallpaper I made out of that last experiment I posted:

I then tried out HGridLayout, keeping the same palette but using tiny vector drops:

I then started browsing the examples in the HYPE library, and decided to try HMagneticField, which seemed fun! I basically just mutated the examples to learn how they work.

>>Click here to view sketch<<

Still playing with the parameters of that same sketch, I accidentally created new shapes out of those drops:

>>Click here to view sketch<<

Sometimes, flowers can be seen when it spins. I tried to record that sketch to get an image of those "flowers", but I then understood that it was just an optical illusion that only the eyes could see, and not the computer.

Inspired by that interesting fact, I tried a couple of methods that could help me reproduce that effect in a grid, layering several instances of the object in every spacing. What I came up with was a mutation of this program on the HYPE website:

They are like little watercolour planets :D It actually spins like in the example, but I don't know why, the export doesn't seem to be working :< Maybe for next update! :)

I went to the university library in my town, I was so excited about all the design books they have!! I managed to get lots of inspiration, and borrowed books about generative art (including a couple of books by John Maeda), and about patterns! Hope to come back with interesting stuff to show you next time :)


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