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Hunting tigers out in India

After agonising for months over what i want to draw, and many failed attempts at getting started I finally have enough to post.

I have decided to illustrate lyrics by the

Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band - Hunting Tigers Out In India

 Its light and silly and I wanted to make something that had a little character.

I did a some research at type around the late 19th century and around the 1930s as both have elements I think would fit the tone. 

I sketched some approaches based around my research, trying to get as much variation as possible in the hope various combinations would work together.

I like the poster typefaces, and cigar box designs from the 30s. Also the circus posters from the late 19th century so I've tried to combine them in some compostitions. 

I want the design to represent the sillyness and fun of the song, but Im unsure of the direction.

17 Jan

Few more sketches:


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