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Hunting Season

First I have to say, this class has been great so far, it's awesome learning new tips and tricks here and there. I have been a huge fan of your stuff Patrick, thanks so much for doing this class!

Now I know the project is to produce fan art, but this character is for the Walking Dead, so that sort of counts! I have some fan art I am working on but really wanted to share this piece because it's the first piece where I have used your tips and tidbits Patrick so I hope thats okay!

I have been a massive fan of the comic style artwork for a few years now and has been how I go about drawing my stuff. This is Logan that I created for the Walking Dead universe, and I have been drawing her for a while now too.

So this is just the line art at the moment, I imagine she is hunting breakfast or something of the like. I love her! Haha

So after watching the videos on colour I wanted to pump out something relativley quick with my new handy tips! Quick caricature of myself!

So I finally got around to finishing my piece! Love to hear what people think, again Patrick thanks for the awesome lessons! I loved your Tomb Raider piece and was the inspiration for my colour palette!


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