Mathieu Maillefer

Freelance Illustrator & 2D animator



Hunting Lion/Bird

1. Worspace

Thankfully, I already had all the tools for the exercise. 

I dug up my old dust remover from my supply closet.

Now let's go !

2. Inkblots

Get ready for the most funny part ! My first tries were very shy but some shapes are pretty inspiring.

Finally, I've decided to pick this one.

3. Idea

Then, I've tried many sketches in order to give me ideas. And finally, on of the shapes reminded me the lower jaw of a horse skull.

That was the start of my idea and I 've imagined a ferocious (half lion - half bird) creature hunting his prey (inspired by the ink flow / line of action)

4. Corrections

With a little help from Mr G. Bucher, I've made some corrections in order to improve the storytelling.

Parrot's arm is now reaching for a rock in an attempt to defend himself.

5. Ink

6. Adding values and details

7. Finished


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